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>> would you like me to address -- if i could just for miss m u.n. i i think we certainly agree with regard to the difficulty of the higher floor buses all of the buses that we will be purchasing will be low floor buses the buses that we're purchasing now are hybrid buses and some of the lines you referenced are trolley buses. and the 38 uses generally the 68 buses and we're purchasing the 40 ones first we will as quickly as we can replacing all of those buses and we will put it on the busiest lines first so just an update on that and on the north east mission we have heard that recommendation and it's certainly among the things that we're looking at. >> mr. chairman there will be no report today. moving onto the general public comment this is an opportunity for the public to address the matters that are not on the agenda today. >> hi. i have to tell you that the f line which is my favorite line because i live downtown -- as you know, it's dangerously overcrowded. it can not take care of all the people that want to board and i'm tired of saying please move to the rear to help
as a key part of m u.n. i's response. perhaps more importantly now that that time has passed a bit we've received compliments from 311 such as the one i'm about to read which says in quotes to everyone at sfmta i would like to thank you for recent actions against big otry thank you to everyone who thought contributed and worked on this campaign i mention that we are honoring chimmy here and there were a lot of other people involved in the campaign as well i'd just like to acknowledge and have a communication team for chimmy to stand. [applause]. >> the peace campaign is currently running on m u.n. i buses around town and on behalf of the agency chimmy your supervisor standing with you today and the entire communications team we celebrate and we honor you today with the special recognition award thank you for the work you do with sfmta. >> on behalf of the agency and all people of san francisco thank you for the outstanding work it's a great campaign you created so thank you very much. >> thank you very much it's a great honor to be here and receiving this award again i want to thank
the five permanent members of the u.n. security council. the only way forward is a political solution. she died and come only to a strong and unified message from the international community. mr. klick asked me whether the so-called usb events to a shovel weekend the transatlantic relationship. my brief answer is that we'll very much depend on us the europeans. i think it is in our interest that the u.s. rebalance its interests and focus more in the asia-pacific region taken into account the rising powers. if we are to ensure americans still zaire parliament as a power company europeans must invest in the transatlantic relationship politically, economically and militarily. mrs. yacoub sorry asked the same question. will they see what a vacation down k. -- downgrade nato? if the europeans don't invest in the transatlantic relationship, it may we cannot bond. but actually we've seen a strong u.s. commitment to european security. for instance, the u.s. contribution to a nato missile defense system is a u.s. commitment to addressing emerging security challenges. so instead of having a lot of s
of the bloodshed. representatives of the u.n. assistant mission for iraq say 712 people died last month in acts of terrorism and violence. the highest level of casualties happened in baghdad. members of the sunni muslim minority have clashed almost daily with security forces. they've been protesting against the shia muslim dominated government of prime ministerial malki. bombings have been carried out in baghdad. the explosions killed at least 8 people and wounded at least 38 others. >>> the national leaders in japan are reaches out to some of asia's most energized economies. finance ministers and central bank governors from japan signed an agreement at a meeting in india. it's the first time they held discussions. japanese aso attended the meeting. he stressed that the administration of abe considers the relationship particularly important. the participants agreed to make it easier for japanese companies to raise funds for local currencies. they also produced a plan that would see a liquidity in u.s. dollars to any country running short on the currency. after the talks, aso expressed hopes tha
understand that with a proposed june sign up there's some discussion on a fall back on m u.n. i metro. this was tried 30 years ago and did not work involves an un bound operator getting off at embarcadero waiting for the next out bound train on that same line. for a system that fills all of its daily runs with operators and equipment this this can be made to work in a system like m u.n. i this doesn't work and it has dramatic implications for passengers and as i said this was tried 30 years ago and did not work i'm happy to discuss this further if anyone is interested. the director's report did not refer to the public employee relations board decision last week which i noted in the paper and i'm somewhat interested in. i would ask for any documents that now exist that aren't subject to privilege related to that decision and what next steps the agency is taking in compliance with that i understood there was a time frame to take action within certain portions both in terms of procedures and costs i think is important to this board agency and public and finally i made constructive c
a political solution as soon as possible. that would take agreement among the five permanent members of the u.n. security council. the only way forward is a political solution. but to that end, we need a strong and unified message from the international community. mr. glick asked me whether the so-called u.s. pivot to asia will weaken the transatlantic relationship. my brief answer is that will very much depend on us, the europeans. i think it's in our interest that the u.s. rebalance its interests and focus a bit more on the craze-pacific region -- asia-pacific region taking into account the rising powers in that region. but if we are to insure that the americans still find europe relevant as a partner, the europeans must also invest in that transatlantic relationship politically, economically and militarily. that's my point. i was asked pretty much the same question, would this u.s. pivot to asia downgrade nato? no, not in itself. but, of course, if the europeans don't invest in the transatlantic relationship, it may, it may weaken that bond. but actually we have seen a strong u.s. commitment
to hold a hearing on this. what's interesting is that we've learned today that m u.n. i has an operator deficit of 70 million dollars and we know there's a structural deficit of 5 hundred million it just so happens that the tunnelling between washington and north beach will cost about 70 million dollars and if you eliminate that and stop the line where it was originally intended which is chinatown and stockton street you will be able to save the agency 70 million dollars and give all the residents of north beach a second chance on how they want transit to be brought into their neighborhood thank you very much. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker please? >> good afternoon. >> hi my name is -- thank you for -- when i talk with the families in the community they are happy about this program. i'm often been working in the community in bay view i hear these stories about people having a really hard time trying to go home or trying to go to doctor appointment or any other activities they have to and after the day i was here and heard the stories in the community it happened to me. i finished
will affect the country's economy. >>> the u.n., the u.s. and other nations have hit north korea with a slew of economic sanctions over the years. the u.s. government announced in september 2005 it would investigate banko delta asia. the bank is located no macao and authorities suspected the bank of being involved in north korea's distribution of fake u.s. dollars. macao's body cooperated by freezing the bank's north korea related funds. this added up to $24 million in assets in about 50 accounts. north korean officials responded saying unless the sanctions were lifted, there would be no substantial negotiations through the six-party talks on their country's nuclear program. government officials in washington and pyongyang held talks in april 2007 financial authorities in macao freed up the assets. north korean representatives returned to the six party talks and agreed to disable some nuclear facilities. however the negotiations later stalled. chinese leaders imposed financial sanctions on the north in 2006. the bank of china halted the remittance of foreign currencies following u.n. sanctio
as well as l u b n a to please come on up and receive and just again, thank you very much for your work in the film festival and l u b n a for the wonderful leader ship that you have and devise that you are giving to he to run a vibrant culture center and i hopey that you are able to get a larger cultural center is because the population is going and i hopey that we are able to get you a larger cultural center and get you the resources that you need to run the cultural and art programs and so on behalf of the city l u b n a and jeff this is our arab heritage month celebration proclimation. (applause). and go giants: enjoy everybody.. >> thank you mr. mayor. (applause). . >> yeah, mayorly thank you very much for the letting us use your house here tonight and letting -- we really appreciate it we know that you ran from the game to get here and so we really appreciate your commitment to our community and we are happy that you are here to celebrate this momentous day with us. we have an awesome community here, we are here to celebrate the awesomeness of our community the dedication of
on friday at the u.n. headquarters in new york. she hopes to have dialog with south korea. park has arrived in washington to meet u.s. president obama. the two leaders are expected to agree on a tougher system to defend against the north. south korean officials are refusing to cancel a military drill scheduled for august with the united states. the officials of north korea demanded the drill be scrapped. south korean defense ministry spokesperson said the drill will continue as long as the south korea u.s. combined forces exists. they plan to stay on alert. and he noted that a u.s. aircraft carrier will come to south korea to take part in this year's exercise. analysts say leaders in seoul are using the threat of force to contain north korea's provocations. >>> spokespersons for north korea's national defense commission said that the kaesong complex is on the brink of complete closure. workers from both north and south korea have been pulled out. the spokesperson said that the cancellation of the drill is a condition for resuming operations. >>> rebel forces in syria are facing allegations
gone to the u.n. already? >> they need hard evidence chiefly to persuade russia. russia is syria's remaining ally in the u.n. security council. they have to persuade russia that the assad regime did use deadly sarin gas against its own people. >> jon: we are [bleep]. so intervention in syria relies on the united states convincing vladimir putin that it's bad to poison people. ( cheers and applause ). yeah, that will work. sarin gas, hmmm. yes, yes. i remember it well. a little more complicated than the good old days, isn't it, fellows? when you could just invade a country. it's as though the misadventure made us a little more conscious as to what constitutes the crossing of a red line. even the ring leader that proud chapter in black-and-white no nuance american policy has learned to see red lines with a little more shading. >> i'm sitting here analyzing that tie you have and trying to figure out if i can mix paint. a little permanent rose and maybe a touch of white. and on the other side maybe a little raw umber to darken it up so it can reflect the light properly. >> jon: yeah.
to consider sanctions. alongside china, russia has vetoed three u.n. security council resolutions, condemning assad's brutal crackdown and it opposes any military intervention, including arming the rebels. secretary kerry aims to change that calculation. according to the "washington post," kerry will attempt to persuade russian president vladimir putin to support or at least not veto a fresh effort to impose u.n. penalties on syria if assad doesn't begin political transition talks with the opposition. officials say the u.s. is prepared to act with or without kremlin support. needless to say, it would be much easier if russia was cooperative. in any ordinary year, russia and america have trained relations, decades after the cold war, debates over human rights, sovereignty and democracy stim persist. this year presents a whole new set of challenges for an already-rocky relationship. joining me today, former dnc communications director and msnbc host, karen phinney. deputy mayor of new york city, howard wolfson and "washington post" columnist and msnbc contributor, jonathan capehart. and joining
was never consulted before those infamous talking points were released to the u.n. ambassador, secretary rice, susan rice, and they never discussed it with him. james rosen joins us live now with more. james? >> good afternoon. already we are learning the contents of sensitive documents never quoted before and we heard one of the most detailed and emotionally charged accounts of benghazi yet to surface, from mark thompson who manual -- handled it, we have an e-mail he sent to a high ranking state department operations officer disclosing the f.b.i. had recommended a foreign emergency support team be sent to libya. but that under secretary of state patrick kennedy advised against that to the white house. they say it could not have arrived in time of the also, one law maker read from a previously undisclosed e-mail that was sent to top aides to then secretary of state clinton, by beth jones, the acting atant secretary of state for the middle east, in which jones recounted her direct conversation with the libyan ambassador. >> this was sent on september 12, the day after benghazi and several
the possibility of the u.s. taking action in syria without backing from the u.n. as long as it was supported by a coalition of nations. remarks from friday are just over 50 minutes. please tweet away. we are all about social media right now. as you all know she's been a beacon of american leadership. right now. the world. beyond that, she serves as a role model. strongthe north star for national security policy. she reminds us that america is difference, but the one required to bring out of the other nations together. be a woman. there have been so many in her shadows. she is also not afraid to dive in the political fights. she is knocking on doors, canvassing. she is ready to get into the dirt. that is what we all need to do to get the policies that we need. i have had the honor of her guidance because she serves on our advisory board. as a testament to the endurance of leadership, madeleine albright used to be the president for the center of national policy. generations and brings our groups together. please join me in welcoming secretary albright. [applause] >> good morning. thank you ver
iraq. the u.n. security council imposes harsh sanctions and sends in weapons inspectors to dig deeply for iraqi wmd capabilities, weapons of mass destruction. >> this went on for years. at a certain point, unbeknownst to weapons inspectors or anyone else other than iraq, it turns out that we had pretty much accounted for the full system. but we didn't know that. >> in 1998, saddam refuses to cooperate further, and the united nations pulls out the weapons inspectors. saddam virtually seals iraq off from the west. in a 1998 letter to president clinton, paul wolfowitz, donald rumsfeld and other leading neoconservatives urge the president to take action to remove saddam's regime from power. the neocons align with an urbane named ahmed alcohol by. he head the iraqi congress, defectors lobbying to get rid of saddam. >> i say to you now that the opposition is united in its aim of getting rid of saddam and establishing democracy. >> he was a very impressive and effective spokesman for the iraqi opposition to saddam. >> very slick operator who was skillful enough to convey the idea that he cou
it at all? even the u.n. says it's not sure. >>> and it took two weeks for a relative to claim his body. well, now the challenge is finding a place to bury boston bombing suspect tamerlan tar november. a city manager says not here. we'll have the latest today for one of the surviving suspect's friends. >>> a factory collapse in bangladesh. the death toll continues to climb. remember when it hit 400? it's now at 657. those involved in what is now definitely a recovery project say they don't know how many more bodies remain inside. the building housing five garment factories, also a bank and other businesses, collapsed a week ago. the government says it is ready to enact a series of labor reforms. >>> the headline of course is out of syria today. we've got conflicting reports over whether or not the rebels are the ones who use sarin gas. you've got u.n. officials saying earlier this morning there is evidence they did. then you have the u.n. backtracking that statement, saying the findings, they're not even conclusive. now the state department official weighing in. saying there's not any i
in tripoli with us. >> we also learned hicks was never contacted by u.n. ambassador susan rice before she went on five separate sunday morning talk shows to deliver what turned out to be false talking points on the protest sparked by an anti-islam video. hicks said everyone on the ground that day was aware from the get-go, as he put it, that it was a terrorist attack. >> so fast-forward, mr. hicks, to the sunday talk shows and ambassador susan rice. she blamed this attack on a video. in fact, she did it five different times. what was your reaction to that? >> i was stunned. my jaw dropped. and i was embarrassed. >> did she talk to you before she went on the five sunday talk shows? >> no, sir. >> you were the highest ranking official in libya at the time, correct? >> yes, sir. >> and she did not bother to have a conversation with you before she went on national television? >> no, sir. >> hicks added that the president of libya was furious after the ambassador rice appearances because he went on those same sunday talk shows and he described the attack as a preplanned terror attack. accordin
on the attack. this was used as u.n ambassador susan rice's talking points when she went on five sunday talk shows the sunday after the terror ambush. doug mcelway has the latest from washington now. >> afternoon, kelly. a tough day for jay carney. for the first time since the benghazi attack happened, the white house press corp, not just fox, ganged up on carney who is struggling to find answers to yesterday's abc news report that 12 revisions were made in the benghazi talking points. first issued by the cia. the first draft said, and we quote, we do know they participated in the attack. the final draft after the 12 revisions which susan rice delivered on the five talk shows made no mention of al-qaeda. her remarks attributing it to an anti-islam film was not true given what the cia knew. shear one of carney's attempts to explain that. >> we knew that -- we believed based on the intelligence assessment ks stream mists were involved, and there was suspicions about what affiliation the extreme mythses might have of the there was not hard, concrete evidence. >> one of the people now at the cen
in the camp in northern iraq. the u.n. refugee agency refers to this camp as quickly overcrowded. now have 55,000. the iraqi government has essentially closed its border to refugees. the kurdish regional government has welcome all from across the border. >> this camp is little more than one year old. there are still some, but more and more of the refugees, deciding they have nowhere else to go is as coming here. allowed to work outside, they are encouraged to dream of a new syria that they can call their own. at the refugee camp in northern iraq. >> still ahead, understanding the bangladeshi protests. why have they taken to the streets? venezuelaent of continues to celebrate his totory, many are urging him get to work. >> police in bangladesh have raided the headquarters of protesters after hours of fighting. 14 were killed during the strategic on the streets on sunday. the violence has spilled outside the capital. the opposition leader in malaysia has called upon supporters rally on wednesday, refusing access to defeat, results show that they won by a slim majority. the much-anticipated tria
response as well, it just seems to me that there's nothing that the u.n. is going to do, especially with russia. vetoing anything that the united states wants, including even chemical weapons inspectors from the u.n. getting in on the ground. we have kerry going today to see vladimir putin in meetings tomorrow. and that's going to be a potential game-changer. but it's unlikely, according to most of the arab sources i have, that putin is going to do anything different. >> you're absolutely right. you can almost draw a straight line from the paralysis of the international community to what is happening on the ground. the fact that both russia and china have consistently blocked measures at the united nations for stronger international measures against the syrian president for perhaps even intervention through international organizations like nato in syria. the fact that they've syst systematically blocked those, shows how far the countries are divided even in the wake of allegations of chemical weapons. even in the wake of refugees pouring across borders and this becoming an internati
investigator for the u.n. made this statement on swiss italian television. today the u.n. came out with this statement that was very short saying, hang on, this is not conclusive. it sounded as though the u.n. was taken aback, surprised by this statement. so there is some confusion at the u.n. that's the impression they're giving outside observers at this stage. >> what my administration sources tell me is the state department and the white house don't believe the syrian rebels have the capability to produce these weapons nor do they have them in their possession. these are complicated weapons that are complicated to deliver. the syrian weapons system doesn't have the ability to do that, probably. most likely scenario, it was the regime that used these occasions. >> i'm told that fred pleitgen is in damascus. can you hear me? >> reporter: yeah, i certainly can, jake. we're having trouble with the line here. but i think we're good now. >> what are you hearing from damascus? what's the latest there? >> reporter: well, i can tell you that over the past couple of days, the syrian regim
line. >> it's worse than that, because he is also saying we need a u.n. investigation. so, apparently we have this huge intelligence apparatus, the israelis have a intelligence apparatus saying the same thing, the french, the british, we need the u.n. we need inspectors from belarus, sudan, zimbabwe and who knows else to tell us whether the regime is using these weapons. >> paul: reportedly the evidence that we have comes from victims that there was evidence taken from the victims who had the -- >> right. because victims of chemical attacks display certain kinds of symptoms. we also have syrian generals who have defected who have said on the record they were ordered to use sara ran gas. there aren't that many people using this type -- these types of chemicals in the region. so you can't insist on courtroom levels of evidence when you are dealing with a country in the midst of a civil war or chemical weapons increasingly on the loose and could easily get in the hands of hezbollah or terrorist organizations or the iranians and so on. that's the issue. >> paul: presidents who issue red l
and the united states. the north's threats intensified after the u-n security council voted on authoritative action on the regime. there's been evidence that syria has used chemical weapons. president obama has called that a "red line" which shouldn't be crossed. some are pressuring him to take action. but at today's white house secretary jay carney said the president never intended to spell out a specific reaction. >> what he never did is to say that what reaction he would take at a policy level to take the approves crossing of the red line. >> pam:a surprising twist. a u-n human rights investigators says there are suspicions that chemical weapons were used by syrian rebels -- not by the government. the white house calls that quote. "highly unlikely." so far, no cemeteries in the boston area seem willing to take the body of one of the boston bombing suspects. the final resting place for tamerlan tsarnaev -- the boston bombing suspect killed in a shoot-out with police , is still up for debate. the city's manager says allowing tamerlan's body to buried in boston would bring pro
seminars here, the big hole in hina's not enforcement of u.n. sanctions has been its unwillingness to block or stop the air traffic between teheran and ping i can't think. we know that the bush administration made quiet overures to bejing about this in 2006 and 2007 but to no avail. nothing was done. e have the new reports of iran sending missile scientists, missile technicians and probably also nuclear experts to not only observe the recent missile and nuclear test but now to personal nantly station them in north korea. undoubtedly, they went to north korea from teheran, they obably refueled in the .eijing airport can we do anything to put more pressure on china to stop -- this would be my second question -- or is this simply a bridge too far given china's not only close relationship to north korea but also its close ties to iran? is this a bridge too far or are there things we can do to put more pressure on china to cut off this traffic and money is part of the traffic by the way? >> that's an excellent question. but the growing role of chinese public opinion through the internet and twit
take agreement among the five members of the u.n. security council. the only way forward is a political solution, but to that end, we need a strong and unified message from the international community. i was asked whether the so-called u.s. pivot will weaken the transatlantic relationship. brief answer is that depends on us, the europeans. it's in our interest that the u.s. rebalance its interest and focus a bit more on taking into account the rising powers. if we are to ensure that the americans still find europe relevant as a partner, that europeans must also invest in that transat -- transatlantic relationship economically, politically, and militarily, that's my point. they asked pretty much the same question, would this u.s. situation downgrade nato? no, not in itself, but, of course, if the europeans don't invest in the transatlantic relationship, it may, it may weaken that bond, but, actually, we have seen a strong u.s. commitment to european security, and, for instance, the u.s. contribution to the nato defense system, that's a u.s. commitment to addressing emerging security chal
deleted were weird and offensive. here is one example, u.n. retracts report of syrian chemical weapon use, lab tests confirm it is jihadi body odor. as the syrian conflict expands and seems poised to spread across the borders, the internal political pressure on president obama to do something, to get involved, to intervene in some way, is growing in a very, very palpable way. >> the whole situation is becoming more and more expansive and unfortunately the red line that the president of the united states written was apparently written in disappearing ink. the obama administration should be, i think, cognizant of what george schultz, our former great secretary of state, once told me when he was in the marine corps, his drill stricter told him, said, never point a weapon at someone unless you're ready to pull a trigger. >> john mccain, of course, has long been leading the corps ous calling for the u.s. to step into the syrian conflict, calls that intensified the signs the war might be spreading. there is no doubt the pressure from those calls for action is being felt inside the white house.
assertion from a prominent u.n. investigator, karla del ponty telling an interviewer if anyone was using chemical weapons in syria, there was strong suspicions it wasn't the government side it was the rebel side. then the part of the u.n. that is actually investigating claims like that in syria immediately put out a statement denying that. saying no, no, no. we know she said that, but really we know nothing of the kind, don't know what she's talking about. so, yes there is a war on in syria. that much is clear. the rest of it including chemical weapons and what israel is doing and why, all of it remains woolly at best and unknowable at worst. but here at home, to the exact same people who insisted that the last war in the middle east, the war in iraq would be easy, we would be greeted as liberators, to them, to those exact same folks, the whole situation in syria right now is clear as day, we can easily get involved with no risk to ourselves. the only question is why we have not started bombing already. joining us now is msnbc contributor and former democratic congressman patrick murphy,
susan rice, the u.n. ambassador went on all five networks sunday talk shows and represented what happened in benghazi as the outgrowth of a responsibility demonstration, a reaction to that provocative youtube video which had in fact spawned demonstrations earlier in the week in cairo. what happened was a result of that. jay carney had said the only thing that the white house has changed were semantic words. he said repeatedly that the word embassy to describe it was changed to consulate. in fact it was not a consulate. that was the extent of the white house involvement in forming those talking points. it would appear from everything kelly has reported and what we've heard elsewhere that there was considerably more discussion about how to phrase that. whether the state department was going to be unduey taking the blame from the intelligence community for missing a lot of signals. talking about ansar al shari'a that was active around benghazi. these are the kinds of questions that we'll be hearing today, this friday. you're right. the president has an event later today. it is about
. u.n. peacekeepers have been abducted by armed men who claim to be part of the syrian rebel group. that news comes the same day u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in moscow to meet with russian president vladimir putin about the war in syria. after lengthy discussions, the two countries agreed to hold a conference about the conflict by the end of the month. as the violence continues, the number of civilians displaced and in need of aids keeps -- in need of aid keeps rising. earlier today, i spoke with the secretary for humanitarian affairs. thank you for coming in. can you first explain how dire the situation is on the ground right now and what is needed most? >> the situation is terrible for pretty much everybody, actually, because if you looked at things like fuel supplies, electricity, water, people are getting about a third of what they had before the conflict started. that affects everybody. we think about a third of the population, 6.8 million people, are in desperate need of help, half of them children, and of course in syria and, you have 1.4 million people who have fle
changes to allow japan to take part in u.n.-led military activities. among those against modifying the constitution, about two-thirds are identified article 9 as the most important article. 16% said it doesn't need to be revised and changing the interpretation is enough. >> i personally want to keep the peace constitution as it is. >> it's been a long time since it was established. so i think it's all right to change it in accordance with reality. >> prime minister abe says he first wants to change the procedure to amend the constitution. it stipulates that two thirds support in both chambers of the diet is required. abe wants to make the seasons for the diet a simple majority. constitutional experts are split on the issue. >> people tend to think a procedure is not important. but on this issue, it has substantial meaning. a normal law can be passed with a simple majority. the hurdle was made deliberately high because of it's special importance. >> translator: the change will allow the people to express their opinions rather than making the hurdle higher to propose a change, a prop
year and we didn't say they crossed a red line. >> it's worst than that, he said we need a u.n. investigation. we have a huge intelligence apparatus, the israel has one and french but we need from belarus and sudan and who else knows where whether the regime is using these weapons. >> paul: reportedly the evidence we comes from victims. there was evidence taken from the victims who had this. >> victims display certain kind of symptoms. we also have defected syrian generals who have said on the record that they were ordered to use sarin gas. there aren't that many people using these types of chemicals. you can't insist on certain levels have evidence when you are dealing with a country in the midst of a civil war where chemical weapons are increasingly being used. that is the issue. >> paul: presidents that issue red lines, can't be believed the next time? >> the word is credibility. this president and america's credibility is eroding in that region. we have been having this conversation for a year. the window is closing. the situation is getting worse. jihad has joined the oppo
forces. >>> meanwhile, there's a new u.n. report saying anti-government activists may have been behind the reported use of chemical weapons and not the regime. president obama said previously the use of such weapons could constitute a red line for u.s. intervention. senator john mccain used those words to undercut him sunday. >> the whole situation is becoming more and more expansive and unfortunately the red line that the president of the united states was written was written in disappearing ink. >> those comments comes days after chuck hagel refused to speculate on military intervention plans and john kerry heads to moscow today for talks with russian leaders. nbc's martin fletcher is in tel aviv for us. good morning to you, martin. some saying this attack could even be a message to iran. >> reporter: that's right, richard. the attacks that took place, the two attacks that you mentioned by israel into syria certainly have an immediate effect in terms of destroying any weapons that syria wants to transfer to hezbollah in lebanon. but the real message, exactly as you say, is actually t
complication, a u.n. human rights investigator said it may have been rebel forces that used chemical weapons in at least one attack. according to officials, they have not seen evidence that the government was behind the use of sarin gas. that would be a red line that would change his calculus on american involvement. senator john mccain is now using those words against him. >> the whole thing is escalating, yet as you may have noticed, the leader of hezbollah committed to helping bashar assad. the conflict is spilling over into lebanon and jordan. the whole situation is becoming more and more expansive and unfortunately the red line that the president of the united states wrote was apparently written in disappearing red ink. >>> secretary john kerry heads to moscow to get them to back off on their support of the assad regime. >>> now to more dire news out of afghanistan where at least 7 service members were killed in attacks across the country. in one attack in southern afghanistan on saturday a roadside bomb killed five u.s. personnel. two others died after an after fwan soldier turned his
significant impacts on transit that are not mitigated here and in some cases the old findings refer to m u.n. i lines that no longer exist and in some cases they may not exist and. and although references made to your board resolutions on 9105 and 09106 it's not set forth directly here so the near term improvements are not called out and i think that's a further deficiency and i don't want you to act until those changes to the findings are made obvious. thank you. >> thank you. >> mr. solomon? >> good afternoon mark solomon again. of course you should approve the bike plan. however the significant impacts -- there's a pyramid there of impacts but a wide range of impacts down to 10, 22 nds they basically add up to your savings it's difficult to tell there's many contingencies on different options but we can not be digging ourselves deeper on the transit system. the transit for sustainability has to be paramount we can't be delaying that. we're going to end up with a really bad transit system. people getting into their cars further slowing the system down. that's your capital right ther
in july, a multinational u.n. peacekeeping force is supposed to gradually take over from the french. their troops seem to have ousted the rebels and are now securing the north, but nobody here can say if the situation will remain peaceful. most likely, german soldiers will take part in that mission. if they do, they might be in for a rough ride. >> one of the u.s. women rescued this week after being held cash bid for a decade has celebrated a joyous homecoming. >> felice escorted gina dejesus back to her old neighborhood in cleveland, ohio. crowds of well-wishers greeted her with cheers and balloons. although she was covered by a lime-green jacket, dejesus gave a thumbs-up to the crowd. another of the captives, amanda berry, returned to her sister's home earlier in the day. in a moment, we will be taking a look at the reopening of a major museum in munich. >> first, here's a look at some of the other news in brief. in britain, queen elizabeth has outlined the government's plans for the coming year in a traditional speech marking the opening of parliament. in " -- it includes curbing
held last month by a thai ngo brought on by the u.n. development program. thailand's sex industry is thought to employ tens of thousands of workers. prostitution is technically legal, but the law criminalizes only those who provide sexual services. they get no legal protection from abusive managers, and violence which often comes with the work. groups seeking to rectify the situation say the exploitation will continue as long as sex workers are denied legal protection. >> we are living in society, it's discrimination and stigma against ouprofession. i dream about to have sex workers to be a human being and stand up in society. >> reporter: not everyone shares that view. the head of the bangkok office of one u.s.-based ngo says legalizing prostitution could benefit underground organizations instead. >> to try to protect their rights in prostitution is only to try to protect them while they're being harmed. but we offer them the opportunity to have a good job, to get paid fair wages, to have benefits that come with a real job. >> reporter: night light is teaching former sex workers
. the court ruled that the practice was illegal and asked the foreign ministry to propose a u.n. resolution on the matter. the west has already rejected the pakistani call to end the strike. the death toll from the collapse of a garment factory in bangladesh two weeks ago has now passed 900. hot on its heels, yet another disaster. then a fire in an 11-story garment factory claimed the lives of eight people, including a leading politician and a top official in bangladesh's powerful clothing manufacturers trade group. >> staff turning up for work found themselves in front of closed doors. the fire broke out after production had finished for the night, so most staff had left by then. the blaze started on one of the lower floors. it is not yet known what caused it. >> i think the fire originated from an electrical short circuit. a large number of staff were on the third floor. about 2000 finished garments were being stored there. >> help came too late for the factory owner and several of his employees and friends. firefighters found their bodies in the stairwell. it appears the suffocated while
the bank always does business in strict compliance with instructions from chinese authorities and u.n. security council resolutions. bank of china and agriculture bank of china say they, too, no longer handle remittances to north korean banks. >>> chinese experts on internation nal affairs say they are trying to intercept what they would need to purchase abroad. >>> soutt korean president park geun-hye's high profile visit to the united states has been marred by a scandal. south korean media say she has fired her spokesman reportedly for sexual harassment. the president's office says he was involved in an act that tarnished national dignity. they did not elaborate. they say he harrised an internal in washington dc. yun was instrumental in overseeing the first overseas visit. they're demanding that the president apologize to the people of south korea. >>> china's migrant workers help drive the economy, but they're children are losing out on the benefits. some are growing alienated and unruly. michitaka reports. >> most of them leave their children in the hometown, he has two sons, the
will text message u.n. is done. >> excellent and really looking forward to it. >> today we're going to make the san francisco classic dish invented by italian and portuguese fishermen. it'll be like a nice spaghetti sauce. then we will put in the fish soup. the last thing is the dungeon as crab, let it all blend together. it will be delicious. when i could, i will try to make healthy meals with fresh ingredients, whatever is in season and local. those juicy, fresh tomatoes will take about an hour to cook down into a nice sauce. this is a good time to make our fish stock. we will take a step that seems like trash and boil it up in water and make a delicious and they speed up my parents were great clerics, and we had wonderful food. family dinners are very important. any chance you can sit down together and have a meal together, it is great communal atmosphere. one of the things i like the most is the opportunity to be creative. hello. anybody with sets their mind to it can cut. always nice to start chopping some vegetables and x and the delicious. all this double in view is this broth with g
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